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Logan HuffmanComic-Con Interview: Logan Huffman (Tyler Evans)

Article by Craig Byrne

The character of Tyler Evans is an example of the "younger generation" that will be fought over in the second season of V. The character's ties to both the Visitors - and the humans, through his mother, Erica - should bring some interesting conflict in Season 2. participated in an interview roundtable where we got to talk to the actor who plays him, Logan Huffman.

Beware of some spoilers within this interview, and come back later this week for more V interviews from Comic-Con!

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Logan HuffmanWhat are you hoping that your character gets to do in the second season?

I'm really happy, because I know that [Tyler] is going to take sides. We're going to find out more about him. I'm just happy to be back and working. I've been taking boxing, because I want to at least punch a guy or hold a gun. I would like that. I would like to get back on the motorcycle a little bit more. And I also want him to defend his mother. More than anything, I want that, because the problem people have with my character.... I love my mother, but people have a problem with the fact that he's never defended his mother. It's easy for people to look at my character and say, "Oh. Well, I would have never acted like that. I was never like that." But really, it's natural for young men to want to stray away. What I want to do, is have a moment where I can defend Erica. To be the one who comes to her defense. I don't know if that's ever coming, but that's something that personally, I think would be important for my character.

Do you think Tyler is blind to the dark side of the V's?

I think he's blinded by everything. He's blinded by an ideology. This new way. It's as if a thousand Jesuses just landed on the shore. He wants to be a part of that. He wants to follow this flock, so much so that he'll look over flaws in the system. Because every religion, every major preacher, has flaws, because we look over it, because overall, it has good things. So what's the difference between the V's and another religion?

Is he like an addict?

I think it's more a generational thing. I think that my generation -- we're upset, we're mad. Our planet keeps getting worse and worse. Our government isn't even good anymore. Nothing is there to protect us. And we're looking for anything to make the world a little bit easier. I think our parents had it easier than we did. That's why I think there's a big draw to the V's. It's also a sense of entitlement. I think Tyler has a sense of entitlement, thinking "hey, we should have all of the things that the V's offer already." Because humanity's just too stupid. But if you think that he doesn't like humanity? He loves humanity. That's why he's doing this.

What did you think when they announced that your dad [Nicholas Lea] is coming back?

I'm actually really, really excited, just to piece together some of the parts of where Tyler came from. When he came into play, I really got a sense of why Tyler is like me in some ways. I like working on cars, and I think it added that whole element. Tyler's very smart, and he's also very wild, because his mom was. And I'm a typical kind of guy, and even his mom has - I think she's very ideological. But I think he got that from her. So I'm very excited.

Do you think there will be a tug of war for his affections in Season 2?

I think he's fallen down so much, he doesn't trust anyone. He's gone past the point of return of trusting his own blood in a lot of situations.

tyler lisa vWill this propel him towards Lisa?

Yes. Because she's the only one who's been... pretty much honest. I think there is a little bit of distrust now that she's broken up with him. But I think she's the person he trusts most. And I think that Anna is still a God-like figure to him, so therefore she can't do any wrong. He looks at her and thinks, "She's not going to lie to me." Even if her daughter does, she's not.

Do you think Tyler was afraid of Anna at all when he first met her?

Well, I think he was a little like a bumbling buffoon, but I don't think he was afraid of her. I think you'd be nervous to meet Jesus, but I don't think you'd want to hug him.

Are you hoping to have more scenes with Laura Vandervoort this season?

Shoot, yeah. Come on. She's a fantastic actress to work with. What amazes me every day is that everyone is so giving on this set. And especially for me, I'm kind of a young buck to all of this, and they've kind of shown me the ropes, and they always give. Even when the camera's turned around, they always give.

Is there anyone in the cast that you haven't gotten to work with?

I haven't gotten to work with Morris. I haven't worked with Hobbes (Charles Mesure), and I'd really, really like to work with him in any way, shape, or form. Everyone's great.

Thanks again to Charles Mesure for taking the time to talk to us. Come back later this week for more interviews!

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