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Logan Huffman previously worked with V director Yves Simoneau on the Lifetime Original Movie, "America," and that association brought the series to Logan's attention. A photo of how Logan currently looks was sent to the producers, and after an audition and a call back, he soon heard from director Simoneau, asking how he would like to work in Vancouver. The rest is history.

In this exclusive interview, Logan talks about playing the role of Tyler, working with his fellow actresses, and his reaction to folks who might not be big fans of the character...


VISITORSITE.NET: Were you a little nervous when you first started playing the role of Tyler?

LOGAN HUFFMAN: I was nervous because I've never really played more of a leading man type. I usually play a bad guy, or someone a little more out there. It's like going from selling a Chrysler to selling a Ford; it's two different things. So I still hadn't really figured out how to "sell" that kind of a guy. A hero's really a hard thing to play.

Logan HuffmanVISITORSITE: What was it like to film the pilot with actors like Elizabeth Mitchell, who plays your mother?

LOGAN: It was just amazing. The first scene I worked with Elizabeth was when I ran up to her and the ship was hovering over us. She was the first actress I ever worked with where it was like "she's my mom." She's very maternal, and I felt that off the bat. I really enjoyed working with her.

VISITORSITE: Can you talk about shooting inside of the Visitors' ship?

LOGAN: Green screen is really tough, just because you have to go back to having more imagination as an actor. Usually, you just have to feel your surroundings and use that. Also, when you walk out [from the green screen set] you're a little dizzy afterwards.

VISITORSITE: Can you talk about the parallels between Erica & Tyler and Anna & Lisa after the revelation at the end of Episode Three?

LOGAN: I think that now it's kind of going in that direction of Romeo & Juliet. They're two people that cannot be together, that have to be together. So it's going to have that twist. I don't know how we're going to end up, but I think it's going to be a fun fight to stay together.

VISITORSITE: Have you had a particular favorite scene in the first three episodes that have aired?

LOGAN: Not really. I take it as a whole. I like it all. Every single scene is a new and interesting thing. I like when they let me ride the motorcyle. [laughs]

VISITORSITE: Are you good at riding the motorcycle?

LOGAN: Yeah. My brother lets me ride his every time I go back to Indiana.

VISITORSITE: I hear you had to get in shape for the final scene of Episode Three?

LOGAN: Yes. I lost 17 pounds.

VISITORSITE: What did you do to get prepared?

LOGAN: I ran two hours a day, every day, and did weight training every day, and I also watched what I ate.

tyler lisa vVISITORSITE: Can you talk about working with Laura Vandervoort specifically?

LOGAN: Laura's a doll. Real professional. I'm looking at this like college, so I try to learn from everybody I can. I look at [the other actors] like teachers, and Laura helps me find the light. In kissing scenes, she might know if my head goes one way and her head goes the same way, she's kind of telling me which ways the light is supposed to hit.

[Regarding having Laura's character "Lisa" as a romantic interest] She's not hard to fall in love with. She's that good. [Laura said something similar about Logan in her interview earlier this month]

VISITORSITE: Can you talk about working with Jesse Wheeler as Brandon?

LOGAN: Jesse is bad @$$. He's my buddy up there. We go to karaoke night all of the time. I can't sing; I sound like a dog caught in barbed wire, and he's a brilliant singer.

I've got a great story of something that happened. There was a walk and talk in Episode #2 where he's like "I can't believe you joined the Peace Ambassadors." But for some reason, we were messing up, and I wasn't hitting my mark. Walk and talks are the hardest scenes. So we were walking up, and it got to Take 11, and Jesse was like "Okay. Let's nail it this time." He looks at me and says "you're an actor, right?" I said "Yeah." He said "You mind provin' it this take?" And I nailed it. And that's the take that's used. That was my favorite moment with Jesse.

Logan HuffmanVISITORSITE: Have you seen all of the online chatter about the show?

LOGAN: I gaze on it. They tear me a new hole, but other than that...

VISITORSITE: What can you say to the folks who might be critical of your character?

LOGAN: I'm happy that they look at me as a stupid emo kid, because that's the way I'm playing Tyler. If you get to know me, I'm a lot different, but that means that I'm playing my character right. Because honestly? You're not supposed to like Tyler. You're supposed to say, "Oh my god. He's a stupid kid." Look deeper into it. Playing a teenager is playing somebody who's 9 half the time, and 25 the next. He's still leaning more towards 9, but what's going to happen with Tyler, is he's set to be screwed no matter which way he goes, and when that happens, I think people will start liking Tyler.

I cannot wait until Tyler knows that he cannot trust anyone or anything.

Be sure to watch the "2009 finale" of V, November 24 at 8PM on ABC. Here are some extras associated with the episode that you may enjoy. And thanks again to Logan Huffman for taking the time to do this interview!

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